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Skills for Care Workforce Development Fund

Workforce Development Fund Flyer

What is the Workforce Development Fund?

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) is a funding stream from the Department of Health disseminated by Skills for Care via a network of organisations and employer led partnerships.

What is its aim?

WDF supports the achievement of qualification units and continuing professional development of staff across the adult social care sector in England.

What’s in it for my organisation?

WDF is a contribution towards the cost of completing units and qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), meaning you can claim back a proportion of the costs of your workers’ training. Funding is calculated on the credit size of QCF units – £15 per credit. A list of acceptable units for funding is available here…

How much you can claim back will depend on the qualification, the units selected and how many credits make up those units.

Here are some examples of what could be claimed:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (minimum of 46 credits) – up to £690
  • Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (minimum of 58 credits) – up to £870
  • Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services, adult pathways* (minimum of 80 credits) – up to £1200
  • Level 2 Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities (12 credits) – up to £180
  • Level 3 Certificate in Stroke Care Management (26 credits) – up to £390

* A maximum of 60 credits per learner per funding year can be claimed so qualifications which are larger than 60 credits will need to be claimed over more than one funding year. This equates to a maximum contribution of £900 per learner per funding year. Funding years run from 1 January to 31 March.

What can I claim for?

You can claim for units and qualifications completed between 1st January and 31st March of the following year. Employers can make claims for WDF to support the cost of course fees (or employer contributions) and for associated costs, such as employees’ salaries while they are undertaking training, coaching and mentoring costs, venue costs for the training and if required backfill (wage replacement costs).

Can I apply?

To access the funding employers must meet certain criteria:

  • You must be an adult social care employer operating in England.
  • You must join a WDF partnership, or be part of a large national organisation that has a WDF grant with Skills for Care.
  • You must have a National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) account, which has been fully completed or updated in line with the requirements for funding between the advertised dates.

How to apply

Set out below is a summary of the Workforce Development Fund and how to apply.

But if you have any questions about the fund, eligibility and the application process, you might find the answers in this document.

If you are filling in a single unit sheet, you can use this form.

Or for a multiple unit sheet, please use this form.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll make sure you have the correct forms.

To find out more, or to make an application contact Teresa Dobson e-mail: or call 01723 502 411.

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