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I Care... Ambassador

I Care… Ambassadors are a national team of highly enthusiastic front line care staff, these are willing to visit schools, colleges, job centres and other employment agencies, this is done in order to inspire others to apply for work in the adult social care sector.

These Ambassadors will use their first hand care experience to talk about the wide range of different job opportunities. Using front line care staff helps to create a real life, honest perspective of what individuals should expect from working in adult social care.

The I Care… Ambassador initiative is about finding individuals to be frontline care workers who have the right skills, value and talent to help us fill the growing number of direct care and support vacancies across the sector. This is why it is so important that the Ambassadors are currently working in this role, as its their day to day experience which will inspire individuals to peruse a social care career.

81% of customers rated the I Care… Ambassador events as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ 

29% of young people and adults said that they were interested in a career in social care as a result of I Care… Ambassador activities

82% of care workers said that they felt more motivated in their work as a result of being an ambassador 

What are the benefits to you as an employer?

  • It can be seen as a mark of good practice
  • It provides a platform to showcase the great care and support you provide
  • It can encourage individuals to join your care organisation
  • Demonstrates your commitment to the learning and development of your staff
  • It is a great opportunity to engage with the local community, schools, colleges, and employment agencies
  • Ambassadors have access to a hub, which includes a resources bank of materials and actives  to support your ambassador
  • E-Learning is provided for you to support your staff development
  • Ambassadors can sometimes generate income by charging for activity and expenses

The Ambassadors will take in activities such as the following-

  • Presentations
  • Informal talks, and discussions
  • Interactive group activities
  • Supporting information stands
  • Mentoring new people in the sector
  • Supporting work experience placements

There is no cost to employers in registering and using the online hub, but employers must make sure that their I Care… Ambassadors activity is sustainable. As you will be replying on your front line care staff as Ambassadors you should always consider whether your organisation has the ability to release them from their day to day role.

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